Wide Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with 14k Infinity

SKU: ED255


(1) Men's Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet (7" (17.75 cm)) - 06-01-008-7 - Satin
(1) 14K Gold Infinity (5mm) - 14-02-197 -

Tell him or her that you will be with them until the end of time with this beautiful cuff. A solid gold infinity symbol, hand formed, is set as the focal point on wide silver cuff. The bracelet pictured has no text, but you can choose to have text (date, names, etc.) on the inside, outside or both!






Sizing Instructions:

On an open cuff the size is the actual material length and should be ordered a half inch smaller than your wrist measurement.

Width: 3/8" (9mm)

Thickness: 2mm

Products specifications
Material Mixed/Other