Upload a Fingerprint/Handwriting



(1) Silver Oval w/ 14k Yellow Gold Rim (5/8" (16mm x 21mm)) - 11-12-015 -

In today's design challenge, you will learn how to quickly add a fingerprint, handwriting, drawing, or logo to a charm.

  1. Go to your Kiosk or Store webpage and Log in (select your name from the drop-down menu)
  2. Click Learn in the navigation bar 
  3. Select the category called NEW 
  4. Click the product called "Upload a Fingerprint/Handwriting"
  5. Click Customize to Load the Training Activity
  6. Read the instructions and complete the task
  7. Share the completed design to [email protected] 
  8. Enter LEARN11 as the Subject of the Shared Design
  9. Thank you!
Details to Upload a Fingerprint or Handwriting:
1. Write your name on a piece of paper or use a photo from your phone
2. Click the 'Add Image' Tab
3. Click 'Take from Camera'
- Hold the image up to the camera on the kiosk and click take a photo
- 'Use Photo'
- 'Crop' (as needed)
- 'Next Step'
- Adjust the threshold if necessary to darken or lighten the image
4. Add it to the charm
💡 Pro Tip: If the image is too dark when you upload, you can adjust the threshold slider to clean up the image. For the fingerprint in my example, I adjusted to 45%.