Uplifting Jewelry



(1) Men's 14k White Cuff Bracelet (7" (17.75 cm)) - 06-02w-004-7 - Satin
This week you will design a piece of uplifting jewelry! Use a quote that you love and add it to a bracelet.
  1. Go to your Kiosk or Store webpage and Log in (select your name from the drop-down menu)
  2. Click Learn in the navigation bar 
  3. Select the category called NEW 
  4. Click the product called "Uplifting Jewelry"
  5. Click Customize to Load the Training Activity
  6. Read the instructions and complete the task
  7. Share the completed design to [email protected] 
  8. Enter LEARN16 as the Subject of the Shared Design
  9. Thank you!