The Empress Tarot Card Pendant

SKU: SSC0043


(1) Silver Rectangle (Medium (20 mm x 32 mm)) - Modified 01-01-101 - Satin
(2) White Diamond - Apr (2mm) - 04-08-128 -
(4) White Diamond - Apr (1.5mm) - 04-08-129 -

Our take on The Empress, the 3rd card in the Tarot deck, the Major Arcana card of femininity and motherhood. Considered, one of the strongest pregnancy cards in the Tarot deck. If you are a mother, you will really come into your own and find fulfillment with this card. If you are a father, The Empress encourages you to build on your communication with your children and show them your nurturing side. Even if you are not a parent, you should embrace your softer side, allow yourself to explore the emotions you are feeling, and listen to your intuition. People will be drawn to you, especially those in need of empathy, compassion, and nurturing.

On her head, the Empress wears a crown of twelve stars, showing her connection with the mystical realm and the natural world's cycles (the twelve months of the year and the twelve planets). The wheat reflects abundance. She symbolizes fertility and her shield displays the symbol of Venus, the planet of love, creativity, fertility, beauty, and grace. She is connected with Mother Earth and life itself.

We take custom requests, so please send us a message if you would like a different Tarot Card engraved on your pendant.

 Width: 20mm

Height: 32mm

1.5mm Genuine White Diamonds

Thickness: 1mm (18 gauge)