Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Rimmed Shirt Studs & Cufflinks Set

SKU: ED271


(1) Silver Cufflinks w/ 14K Rim (3/4" diameter) - 13-12-001 -
(1) Silver Shirt Studs w/ Gold Rim - Set of 4 (7/16" diameter) - 13-12-025 -
(2) Compass Rose Stamp (large (12mm)) - 09-00- -
(4) Compass Rose Stamp (small (6mm)) - 09-00- -

Hand stamped matching Cuff Links and Shirt Studs will be sure to please! Wear these customized pieces to your wedding and black tie events. Show off your style by personalizing them with the text and/or symbols of your choice.

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Shirt Stud Diameter: 7/16" (11mm)

Shirt Stud Base Thickness: 1mm

Shirt Stud Rim Thickness: 1mm


Cufflink Diameter: 3/4" (19mm)

Cufflink Base Thickness: 1mm

Cufflink Rim Thickness: 1mm

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