Select a Finish - Dog Tag Necklace



(1) 14k Star () - 14-02-007 -
Before you do this week's challenge, Go to your kiosk or store webpage, Log in and then please click the INFO tab at the top of the screen to view our new Finish Swatch
- When on the INFO page, you can click 'finishes' on the top right and you will see the Finish Swatch
- Load a 3mm Silver Box Chain: Add Product/All Categories/Necklace Chains/Silver
- Select Size from the Drop-down box
- Click Add to Canvas
- Load a Small Dog Tag: Add Product/All Categories/Charms/Silver
- Select Size Small from the Drop-down box
- Select Finish from the Drop-down box
- Click Add to Canvas

- Tap Save/Load Design
- Select the Design/Activity Type from the dropdown box
- In this case, it is 'Training Activity'
- Type in Your Name (where it says customer name)
- Type in Your Email (where it says customer email)
- Type in the LEARN# associated with the Training Activity
(in this case it is LEARN21)
- Click Save and you are all set!
Need help? Please call or text 912-771-1133