Courageous Dad Pendant: Live with Valor

SKU: SSC0132


(1) Silver Rectangle (Thin (16 mm x 38 mm)) - 01-01-173 - Satin
(1) Fireman Hat (Fireman Hat) - SYM-188 -

Dads are our superheroes, our guiding lights, and the pillars of our lives. This Father's Day, let us help you honor your dad with a unique and meaningful piece of personalized jewelry. Our expert craftsmen can create a stunning pendant that features all the words that describe your dad, capturing his essence in a single piece. From 'Strong' to 'Loving,' 'Funny' to 'Inspiring,' every word represents the incredible qualities that make your dad one-of-a-kind. Show him just how much he means to you with a gift that speaks volumes about the amazing man he is ❤️ 

A special reminder to always Live your life with Valor: Be Brave, Tough, Fearless, Selfless, Courageous, and Heroic 

Diameter: 16mmx38mm

Thickness: 1mm (18 gauge)

Products specifications
Material Silver