Graduate Money Clip



(1) 14K Gold Slanted ! () - 14-02-201 -
- Load a Silver Money Clip: Add Product/All Categories/Money & Tie Clips/Money Clips
- Select Size & Finish from the Drop-down boxes
- Click Add to Canvas
- Type in your Monogram in Alpha Font: Add Text/Type Text/Select Font from dropdown/
- Type in 'Class of' in the Dancing Script Font: Click 'Start New Text' Box/Select Font
- Type in '2024' in Alpha Font: Click 'Start New Text Box'/Select Font
- Tap the Design Board
- Move the monogram to the front of the money clip
- Move the 'Class of' to the back of the Money Clip or on the front overlap area (see my example). 
-Move '2024' underneath 'Class of'
- Tap Save/Load Design
- Select the Design/Activity Type from the dropdown box
- In this case, it is 'Training Activity'
- Type in Your Name (where it says customer name)
- Type in Your Email (where it says customer email)
- Type in the LEARN# associated with the Training Activity
(in this case it is LEARN20)
- Click Save and you are all set!
Need help? Please call or text 912-771-1133