Using The Search Box to locate an Item



(1) 14k Heart () - 14-02-003 -

- Tap the Add Product Tab
- Type 'Rim Heart' In the Search Box
- Tap the Rim Heart that you like best,
Select the 3/4" size from the drop-down box and tap add to the canvas
- Tap the the little x in the search box to clear the search
- Now type in "June"
- Select one or more of the June items to add to your design (birthstone, birth month flower, etc.)
- If you select a stone, please be sure to select the size/material in the production
size dropdown box before adding to the canvas
- Tap Save/Load Design
- Select the Design/Activity Type from the dropdown box
- In this case it is 'Training Activity'
- Type in Your Name (where it says customer name)
- Type in Your Email (where it says customer email)
- Type in the LEARN# associated with the Training Activity
(in this case it is LEARN22)
- Click Save and you are all set!